SPAN Architects is an Architecture and Interior Design firm, based in Indore, India, was established by Architects Arpit Khandelwal, Anand Maroo and Pratik Gupta on 15th July, 2014.

SPAN essentially reflects a new-age vision

that is dynamic and sincere in its application of Knowledge,

diving into the depths of a subject,

discovering and sharing its beauty,

finding inspiration in forms, spaces, relations, tangibles and intangibles,

searching for hidden resources within and without

celebrating Nature in every nuance,

respecting people, practices, science, services and above all,

the cradle called environment that nurtures us.

The core team at SPAN consists of qualified and driven professionals comprising of Architects, Interior Designers and Engineers who create versatile body of work ranging from architecture, interior, landscape and product design. The firm strives to maintain a balance between aesthetics and functionality in all its designs. There is a constant search of exploring the uncharted and concluding beyond the conventional.


SPAN maintains trusting and a close working relationship between the designer and the client for the success and smooth functioning of any undertaken project. Each of the projects is addressed through project teams where our clients and consultants form an active part of the collaborative process towards realizing the potential of the idea. Efficient project coordinators play a pivotal role in smooth and proficient execution of designs.